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IRATA Full Membership

Crane Inspection Services is an IRATA “FULL MEMBER” , which uses rope access methods for inspection, repair and maintenance work. This work is almost always carried out at height and/or in difficult to reach locations.

We find our clients in the offshore energy industry, maritime infrastructure, as well as the renewable wind energy sector. The North Sea is what we call home, but Crane Inspection Services operates worldwide.

Services on a high level

Crane Inspection Services provides high level rope access, inspection, repair and maintenance services to all on- and offshore industries. Utilizing safe and proper rope access techniques we bring IRM to a higher level and call that IRM². IRM squared is what we provide to all our clients in any location or elevation.

Crane Inspection Services since 2002. In 2002 Crane Inspection Services started, specializing in the inspection of offshore and harbour cranes. Crane Inspection Services has highly motivated, skilled and qualified inspectors and is fully accredited by the Dutch Council of Accreditation RvA under No. I-164 for performing crane inspections according the TCVT W2-01e certification schedule.

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